Earn an income of 12.6% per month from your investment *

  • Start investing from just £7,500
  • No minimum term.
  • Only pay commissions on gains, never on losses ***
  • Live app, watch trades as they happen and watch your money grow **

3 Choices of investment platforms


What we do

We will provide you with access to proven algorithmic trading software which trades on the FX market via certified brokers within their fully regulated funds. There are conservative and moderate trading strategies depending on your attitude to risk and level of investment funds. The monthly profit you make can be taken periodically or left in your trading account to compound and make even larger profits! You will have access to your account via an industry recognised app** on your phone which provides you with live data on all your trades, account activity and profit.

Why use Invest in the FX


You will have live access to
your account, enabling you
to view your trades as they are happening**


Our software has built in safeguards to automatically
avoid volatile market events
and eliminate losses


Our moderate fund made 12.6% per month last year (01/20-12/20).
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  • Fully automated trading. Our software does everything!
  • Follow all your trades live on your phone!**
  • 12.6% profit per month in 2020 with our software*
  • Over $5 trillion traded on FX market every day

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3 Steps to make your money grow

Step 1

Contact us by phone,
email or Click to
download brochure

Step 2

Your personal trading
account will be opened
So you can follow your trades live!**

Step 3

Sit back and watch
your money start
working for you.

Key Features

Money Management Module:

This module has configurable settings to define risk using defined lot sizes and/or use a risk percentage of the total account. You can set risk to 2%, 10%, or any other user defined amount.

Emergency Exit Module:

This algorithm module monitors things such as spread, broker latency, and will alert you and stop trading if there is a volatile market event. These settings can be set with the broker as well to stop trading if loss limit is reached.

Dynamic Automated Profit/Loss:

The algorithm is fully automated and needs no human intervention. Positions are closed automatically to take profit and close positions in small loss to prevent drawdown.

News Module:

This module has predefined settings that can be adjusted to avoid market volatility. The module monitors market events and prevents taking positions during high impact news events. This module also stops trading before and after news events.

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